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About Me

Hey all!

I'm a professional trader Giuseppe Francesco Arboliana, 28.
I've been doing scalping in the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets for 9 years, since 2011.
Having achieved truly awesome results in trade, it was decided to increase the capital by inviting a new investment.

Today, scalping is the fastest and most profitable trading method, which is considered to be the peak of the trader’s skill.

See more about scalping: Wiki

Thus, it was decided to found the company "HourlyWithMe" to intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts.

In my trading I always use the stops, and the number of deposits is limited. So you'll never get losses.
As funds are used in trade, the amounts and the investment offers can be reviewed.

I invite you to participate in - Don't miss, it will be really hot here!

Asset management:
A special offer for VIP-investors,
We can trade on your personal account with a broker.
So your funds will be protected as much as it possible.
A profit distribution is 70% investor / 30% manager.
The min amount to manage is $10,000.
Guaranteed profit starts from 5% per trading day ,
It's about 2-4 days of trading per week.

Contact us for more details.

Your faithfully,
Giuseppe Francesco Arboliana.

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